The North America sports market is approaching $160 Billion in annual revenue, a figure that includes Professional (est. $70 Billion), Betting (est. $40 Billion), Health & Fitness (est. $30 Billion), Youth (est. $15 Billion), eSports (est. $400 Million), and Analytics (est. at $300 million). Including the US sports apparel market, that’s another $122 Billion, pushing the total to just over $280 Billion.

Jeff Karnes leads the Sports practice and covers the Professional, Health and Fitness, Youth, and Analytics categories in areas such as:

  • Content and associated monetization, specializing in video/audio streaming and podcasting
  • Team and athlete analytics
  • Team and organization management and communications
  • Coaching strategies (Jeff is a Certified Trainer with the Positive Coaching Alliance)
  • Events, such as a company 5K


The North America M&E market is huge, estimated at $730 Billion including Filmed Entertainment (est. $217B including movies, television, video), Music (est. $18.3B), Book Publishing (est. $37B), and Video Games ($23B).

Jeff Karnes and Paul Lego co-lead this practice covering the Filmed Entertainment and Music markets in areas such as:

  • Video/audio encoding, indexing, and analytics
  • Search
  • Streaming and podcasting
  • Online publishing and monetization strategies
  • Digital Asset Management


The Global Retail Technology market is estimated at $10 Billion in 2017. Transeo Partners expertise in retail spans Visual Marketing, Payments, Smart Labels, and Intelligent Systems.

Jeff Karnes leads this practice covering Visual Marketing and Intelligent Systems in areas such as:

  • In-store smart video surveillance and customer insights
  • Digital advertising
  • Content Management Systems


The US Government spends about $80 Billion annually on IT across a wide range of technology initiatives.

Jeff Karnes and Paul Lego co-lead this practice bringing decades of experience in Federal Government programs and strategies, including:

  • Multimedia (video, audio, imagery) forensics, search, and intelligence
  • Go-to-market, including how to sell to the Federal Government
  • SBIR applications