Our corporate development services rely on experience, discretion and an ability to execute. We engage in both the strategic and tactical elements of corporate development, with areas of expertise including:

  • M&A opportunity analysis, guidance: are you confident in your ability to evaluate M&A opportunities? Once an opportunity has been identified, do you have the internal skillset to fully prepare and execute mergers and acquisitions? We offer strategic advice with tactical support to help in each of these areas, from early stage evaluation to developing and executing on the steps required to reach closure.
  • Fundraising, pitch development: are you targeting the right people in your fundraising efforts? Is your pitch effective and representative of your vision? We can jump in to help connect you with the right audience, improve on the clarity of your message and strengthen your story.
  • Ownership structures: the complexity of ownership structures takes serious consideration and understanding. When you’re already running the company as your day job, there simply may not be enough hours in the day. We offer advice on understanding the various funding rounds as well as the associated mechanics of different ownership structures.
  • Stock compensation plans: does your team have the experience needed to develop fair and compelling stock and stock option compensation plans? We have the experience you need, having delivered plans for companies at different stages of growth with different needs, from bringing on new talent to retaining the best.