From strategy to execution, marketing done right is key to rapid growth and scale. We know that growth companies have different marketing needs depending on their stage, which can make hiring difficult. That’s where we can help. Examples of the breadth of our marketing services include:

  • Product marketing: both strategic and tactical, product marketing done well forms the foundation of best-in-class Marketing teams. We develop robust market and opportunity analyses, product/market fit analyses, messaging and value propositions, market segmentation and persona profile definitions. To ensure success, we not only develop these materials and programs but also train the appropriate internal teams on their content and usage.
  • Sales enablement: Sales need the right messaging via the right tools. Professional, concise and consistent materials differentiate your team from the competition. We excel at company and solution slide decks and sell sheets, targeted call scripts, solution videos and ROI calculators.
  • Demand generation: key to success in supporting Sales and keeping funnels full, demand generation must follow a strategy with rapid execution and iteration. In addition to overall strategy, we can help with list and contact identification and acquisition, lead and selling stage definitions, workflow and reporting development, as well as SLA definitions for leads. Interested in account-based marketing? We will tailor your programs to individual prospects or customers to improve conversion rates and engagement.
  • KPI development and reporting: : what are the key metrics that matter for Marketing? Defining, measuring and iterating on your highest priority metrics will accelerate action on program successes and failures. We will identify and define key measures, explore LTV, CAC and ARPU modeling, and develop channel attribution definitions and modeling. Once you have the metrics, then what? We create actionable insights to improve and scale programs.
  • Content strategies and development: content is king in the world of Marketing, and consistency is critical for growing companies. Is your content aligned with your brand, value proposition, target markets, channels and solutions? Understanding what flavor of content to deliver, to whom and how separates success from failure. We will bring clarity to your voice and tone with editorial style guidelines, identify and prioritize key content channels, and develop great content including white papers, blog posts, sell sheets, slide decks, website content, article bylines, and email templates.
  • Communications & PR: you may have the best and most innovative solution in the market, but without a strong communications program, it may get lost in the noise. Also often lost in the journey is the necessity for regular, open and honest internal communications. We specialize in communications for both internal and external audiences, providing guidance and content for internal comms while working with successful PR agencies to help tell your story on the outside.
  • Organizational structure: understanding the best way to structure your team given stage, budget, existing skills and company objectives will drive your ability to execute as efficiently and successfully as possible. We offer skills assessment of existing team members, management guidance and mentoring ranging from how to conduct 1:1s and team meetings to objective setting and providing constructive feedback, as well as individual contributor mentoring and gap identification.