There are many components to operational excellence. We bring experience and efficiency, having identified, designed, built, tracked or fixed almost all areas of Operations at growth-stage and mid-sized technology companies. Examples of our operational engagements include:

  • Financial modeling, budgets:  the financial needs of a company differ depending on its maturity. Sometimes a company’s internal finance team needs support and hands-on guidance to manage the company’s finances accordingly. We will recommend and implement asset, revenue and cost models that best suit your company’s stage while positioning it for growth, from balance sheets to P&L.
  • Cash management, payroll, A/R: the day-to-day tasks of managing cash, payroll, payables and receivables can be overwhelming. There are new choices every month. We will identify and set up the systems that make the most sense for your company, enabling the most efficient and cost-effective management of your cash and payments.
  • Personnel, benefits, mentoring: nothing is as important as your people. Do you have the right pieces in place as relates to hiring, benefits and mentoring for managers and individual contributors? Are your plans a good fit for today as well as for the rapid growth of tomorrow? We will assess your people strategy and its alignment with your company goals, determining the company’s ability to achieve its hiring and retention plans, while providing recommendations as to how.
  • Supply chain, inventory management: mis-management of supply chain, inventory management or order management can lead to exorbitant and unneccesary costs, poor customer experiences and ultimately the loss of those customers. We will evaluate your existing supply chain processes and recommend improvements in areas such as cost reductions, employee and system workflows, system implementations, vendor assessments and more.
  • Customer service, technical support: are your customers happy? Do you have the service and support in place to ensure these critical customer touchpoints are as successful and impactful as possible? Are your service and support teams scaling accordingly as your company grows? We will determine whether or not these critical teams are best representing the company and contributing to happy customers. We will recommend improvement strategies and systems to help your teams on the path to success.