Building strong product infrastructure is a key part of scaling a business. Ensuring that you have the best possible strategies, methodologies and programs in place leads to fast, efficient and successful product delivery. Examples of our product-focused engagements include:

  • Product strategies, requirements and roadmap: building great products is the foundation of growth-stage companies. We help define and shape product development from first generation to established products, aligning across the organization with focus on delivering the best possible product to market.
  • Competitive analysis: which competitors should you be paying attention to, and at what level of detail? Who are the other disrupters in the market? How do you define, sell and market your differentiation? We answer these questions as well as deliver collateral and educational materials that the organization can leverage across Sales, Marketing and Support.
  • Development methodologies: Agile is a great buzzword and concept, but is it right for you? Sometimes partial application of the methodology is more effective than 100% implementation. We help turn this concept into an actionable reality that best fits the capability and objectives of your organization.
  • Revenue and cost planning: product plans should align with the company’s financial objectives as well as synchronize with the sales plan. We help you do this and develop strategies to ensure ongoing rigor in connecting product with the rest of the organization.