Whether you are just starting to build a selling organization, adjusting one that has developed organically or scaling to reach new markets, there are many pitfalls that we can help you avoid. We help companies with their Sales’ efforts in areas including:

  • Field operations: are you set up to sell into your target market(s) and regions? Are you aligned between the company’s vision and supporting sales enablement programs? We help answer these questions and tune operations to meet field targets and objectives.
  • Direct and channel selling: with many possible paths to market, are you structured to sell as efficiently and productively as possible? Does your selling organization have the right skills? We offer expertise in both direct selling, channel selling or a combination.
  • Pipeline definition, alignment: without clarity of definition and alignment across teams as relates to pipeline, selling organizations are often set up to fail. Pipelines are one of the more complex and dynamic components of an organization — they never stop evolving as the company grows. We can help define, model and implement your pipeline, as well as ensure alignment across teams, internal systems and company objectives.
  • Sales cycle analysis & funnel development: do you have total clarity as to the selling stages and key stakeholders in your sales cycle? Are Sales and Marketing coordinating to develop the most impactful tools at each stage? We put definitions and clarity in place, with an emphasis on alignment and communication across teams, as we help answer these questions with fast and effective implementation strategies and tactics.
  • Compensation plans: always sensitive and rarely straightforward, compensation plans must drive the right selling behavior that is in sync with company objectives. Clients leverage our experience in building compensation plans that motivate the field as well as align with the company’s financial model.