With experience that ranges from running companies to building teams to executing on a plan, we have developed fast and efficient methodologies that quickly allow us to gain insights, develop plans and start executing towards success. Examples of strategic engagements that we often undertake include:

  • Business health assessments: what is the overall health of your company? From product/market fit to personnel to your sales and marketing strategy to your monthly run rate, where are the opportunities? Where are the gaps? We will quickly engage and identify those areas that will drive improvement, as well as those areas that may be slowing you down.
  • Market opportunity analysis: are you confident of your product/market fit? Is your solution performing as expected, or is it time to re-evaluate? Perhaps you are ready to expand opportunities. Many growth-stage companies do not have the internal resources to help them with this level of research and analysis, as it’s not an ongoing need. We will jump in and deliver an assessment that helps to inform decisions that are right for your business.
  • Key performance metrics: are you sure that you know which measurements matter most? Are you confident in your targets? Can you tell at a glance, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, how you are performing to target? In fast-moving companies, this level of insight and transparency is critical. We can help define and set those KPIs that make a difference, as well as help implement them across your key business systems.
  • Turn-around plans: sometimes a business does not evolve as planned, for any number of reasons. These situations require fast engagement and utmost discretion. We will evaluate what needs to happen to get back on track, develop a turn-around plan and launch it into action.
  • Resource planning: people are a company’s greatest asset, and growth-stage companies rarely have enough. Do you have the right hiring plan in place, across functions, to make sure you hit your targets and are positioned not just for today but for tomorrow? Do you have clarity as to what skills you need, and when? We’ve built teams from scratch as well as restructured existing groups. We will assess what’s required, and put in place the necessary steps to get the right talent on board as quickly as possible.